Traditional Advertising and Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

With advertising, you can draw attention to yourself and your services wherever your target customers are. Advertising space must be purchased. The real world (billboard advertising) is mirrored on the Internet (banner advertising).

The most sought-after places cost the most money. That’s why the selection of advertising spaces in media planning is just as important as deciding on the intensity with which the advertising message is conveyed.

And that brings us to the advertising message. You have got the choice to spread marketing messages by Mail or to send out marketing messages by E-Mail. Of course, there are effective ways to reach your target customers also by social media. However, the message should appeal to the target customers. The advertising message can create this effect just as much as the graphic layout of the advertisement. A story and/or humor can help make advertising successful.

Unlike Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which uses search engine mechanisms to boost a website’s ranking, you can also actively advertise your brand and services. With advertising, you buy presence near your target customers. With advertising, you attract target customers to you. That’s why advertising is one of the inbound marketing activities.

Just as you can book advertising space or advertising time in trade magazines, on the radio, on television and on billboards, you can also book advertising space and advertising time on the Internet. In order to reach as many target customers as possible, it makes sense to use the major search engines such as Google (Search Engine Advertisement, SEA).

Advertising is necessary, but it costs money. Even in situations where available money is tight, there are realistic funding options that can be implemented with some creativity.


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