Strategic Risk Self-Assessment (SRSA)

The SRSA captures the strategic risks to which your company is exposed in a process. In the management of strategic risks, it makes sense to involve specialists and managers with contact in the market. However, “market” should not only include the sales market, but also the procurement market, including technological developments in input materials, machines and processes, competition and the labor market. Opportunities and risks emerge in the market.

Example: Strategic risks lie in market trends, technological leaps, industry convergences, legal changes, consequences of globalization, as well as competitive activities, etc.

Encourage your specialists and managers to record such opportunities and risks systematically – not incidentally – and to write them down regularly, ideally in a 6-month cycle, and assess the likelihood of the strategic risks occurring. Also encourage these specialists and managers to think about how to take advantage of emerging opportunities and how to avert or mitigate identified strategic risks. Regularly talk through perceptions and findings among the team of people involved and make decisions together to take advantage of strategic opportunities and manage the impact of strategic risks.

Through this process, you will foster strategic thinking in your organization. The SRSA process is a valuable contribution to becoming agile and to the stabilization of your company.


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