Staffing in Sales

Your sales staff will perform well precisely when their self-motivation matches the requirements of the sales task. It is therefore important that you look at the personal interests and ambitions of your sales staff just as closely as their formal qualifications and professional experience. What candidates are willing to bring to the table now and what they can actually bring to the table in the future is critical to filling positions. Past successes are an indication, but not a guarantee of future commitment and suitability.

Better understaffed than have the wrong staff.

Thomas Krings, Sales Trainer and Coach

Approach sales staffing systematically and professionally.

Derive job descriptions from the sales process and create requirement profiles from them. What should an ideal candidate bring to the advertised role? Only then compare the requirement profiles with the characteristics and skills of real candidates. You will find that you now apply different criteria to filling the position. In addition to professional suitability, pay particular attention to personal characteristics. After all, employees should fit in well with the corporate culture and be able to integrate well into teams.

Search for suitable personnel with sufficient range. The state employment agency works for you free of charge, but it is only one channel for finding personnel. Above all, use well-established placement portals such as Stepstone, Monster or indeed. The placement costs fade into the background if you can fill essential positions quickly with top candidates.

Also use word-of-mouth recommendations from your employees. If necessary, even offer bonuses for recommendations resulting in successful placements.


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