Respectful and trusting staff reduction

As part of a corporate restructuring process, it may also be necessary to dispose of personnel in order to make a significant contribution to reducing costs. In addition to prudent reductions in commercial jobs, look in particular at administration for potential savings. If there really is a lack of operational workload for commercial employees because market structures have changed, there is of course no way around reducing staff in the commercial area. In these cases, you should also take bold action to protect the employees you still need.

A swift approach also makes sense for psychological reasons: the sooner you can tell the remaining employees that they will stay on board, the better you can rebuild motivation in the workforce and steer it into the future.

In a phase where you need to reduce staff, you will give priority attention to the employees you need to reduce. This attention is lost to the employees you want to retain. Here lies a danger, because it is the employees in your future workforce who now need trust and appreciation.

There are two basic options for staff reductions, a reduction via individual agreements and a reduction via terminations. In the event of major cuts in the workforce, a reconciliation of interests and a social plan may become necessary.

In each country, the local regulations should be applied.


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