Stabilisation: Secure the existence of your company

In an intensively networked business world that has been geared towards efficiency for many years, in which there are hardly any reserves and whose dynamics are constantly increasing through the use of Internet-based communication applications, unexpected upheavals occur more frequently. Uncertainty is increasing.

Your challenge is to continue to survive with your company in this world characterized by increasing uncertainty. This consists of strengthening the economic viability of your company and making it as resilient as possible to external influences.

Measures with a view to strengthening resilience are investments in securing your existence. You should look at the cost of this like insurance premiums. What risks do you insure your company against? Also insure it against the greatest risk: losing its economic viability.

The levers you can use to improve your company’s viability are based on the following key capabilities:

–          The ability to take a holistic, networked approach to running and operating the business,

–          the ability to innovate,

–          the strategic and operational flexibility of the business, and the organizational adaptability,

–          the resource competence,

–          and systems-based leadership.

How high on your company’s agenda are these key capabilities that are essential for survival? What programs are in place to build these capabilities in your organization? Find out with the SystemScan web-based self-assessment application.

In dynamic environments, stability is increasingly important to organizations. Measures that promote stability can prevent crises and help avoid acute crises.


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