Self-Awareness and Self-Control

Not everyone has to be or become a leader. Not even you. Even if you are assigned as a leader, this does not necessarily mean that you are a leader or would like to be a leader. Perhaps you feel much more comfortable as a specialist. People are different, and that’s a good thing.

Try to question what you can do, what you want, and how you behave. What are you interested in? What do you really enjoy and find fulfilling? Do you have leadership qualities? Are you fulfilling what is expected of you? How do you show yourself as a leader? Only leaders who know themselves well can lead effectively.

In particular, it is important to realize that everyone only perceives a certain section of the world and that view is normally exclusively from their own perspective. Only by bringing together different sections and perspectives can we arrive at a picture of our world that comes close to reality. This is why an ongoing open discourse about perceptions is so important. The willingness to engage in such an exchange requires an inner calm to which ZEN practice can lead.


What are your challenges?

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