The perfect candidate for purchase

When searching for a suitable purchase candidate, a catalog of criteria is important. Depending on whether you are a buyer interested in a purely financial investment, a strategic buyer or an objectively motivated buyer, different criteria will be on your wish list.

Carefully check whether your acquisition candidates are economically healthy and do not have any “skeletons in the closet”. Thoroughly check this in a sound due diligence and agree enforceable guarantees in the transaction contract.

If you are experienced in restructuring, you may well look at companies in need of restructuring. Check whether a need for restructuring is given, whether there is the capability of restructuring and whether you see the worthiness of restructuring.

If you are looking for suitable investment opportunities, you will look at relevant company brokerage exchanges, perhaps approach shareholders of suitable companies yourself and, if necessary, commission a company broker with the search.

It is not always easy to research the shareholders of attractive companies, and it is also a delicate task to ask the shareholders in an appropriate tone whether they would like to part with their company. Particularly with owner-managed companies, you will strike a potentially emotionally charged nerve with such an affront. If you talk to executives in non-owner-managed companies about the possible availability of their employer, you cannot be sure whether your request will be followed in your interest, because executives pursue their own interests. It has proven useful to leave such approaches to neutral management consultants or company brokers, who can gladly inquire on your behalf with attractive companies about the possibility of a takeover and initiate a purchasing process for you.


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