Working with Scrum in a targeted and variable way

Scrum is a process model suitable for use in the rapid development of complex products in line with changing requirements. The method originated in software development. In the meantime, however, it is also successfully used for various types of change processes. Through the uncompromising feedback principle on which Scrum is based, each development status of a subproject is mirrored with everyone together on the current requirements and on the overall project status.

With this working principle you can achieve special advantages in the company in cases where the specification of the result only arises in the course of the implementation.

When working with Scrum, you can specify a target, which should be formulated relative to the environmental conditions. However, you leave the way there to the finely tuned work of your teams, which are constantly oriented to the environmental conditions. In this way, you get a result that fits perfectly into the environment. Try it out!

As New York University urban planning researcher Natasha Iskander noted in a 2018 Harvard Business Review article, “When the designer acts as ruler over the meanings that enter the design process, the potential for connections becomes limited not only to what the designer sees as significant, but also to the relationships he or she can think of.”


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