Distribution: Create sales and turnover

Sales and revenue depend on marketing, innovation, product management, the product, and throughput, but also on the sales department itself.

The sales department is ostensibly the direct interface between your company and your customers. But your sales department cannot be successful if your products are not in line with the market or your service is not right. On the other hand, sales success is almost pre-programmed if you have services that are in line with the market. This can be achieved by a sound market analysis, including a thorough needs analysis. The more elaborate the sales effort, the greater the suspicion is that the products or the services are not in line with the market. Instead of spending even more on selling, a critical look at the products is recommended.

However, lack of sales success can also be due to non-targeted marketing. Therefore, also focus your attention on marketing, especially on marketing communication. Do you have the required reach and target customer focus with your marketing? Are the messages sharply focused? Are you addressing your target groups with relevant content?

Good branding can also support sales success.

Only when the general conditions are right is it worth taking a look at the sales department itself. Here, it is advisable to distinguish between sales strategy, sales organization and sales management.

The sales department is an essential corporate function. The quality of this department must not suffer from a tight budget. Bring suitable sales staff to the front and manage your sales team professionally. A professional personnel management is as important as the fitting leadership and the targeted recruitment. Even in situations where available money is tight, there are realistic financing options that can be implemented with a little creativity.


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