Sales: Increase sales and turnover

What can sales contribute to the company’s bottom line?

Sales is an extremely important operational function. It organizes the distribution of services that companies provide to their target customers. Sales is tasked with selling market services as valuably as possible. The pricing may be determined by the company, but sales may also have some influence on pricing. The extent and value of sales depend on sales skills and performance. The gross profit results from the mathematical product of sales volume and contribution margin per item. Up to this point, sales can influence the company’s results.

Beyond the task of selling existing services, sales serves as the direct interface between the company and its customers. Sales personnel engage in conversations with customers and gather information about customer needs. During their activities in the market, sales also gather interesting information about the activities of direct and indirect competitors. This valuable market information should be systematically conveyed to the company to be appropriately considered in product management, product development, and offer design.

Therefore, sales also has a significant impact on the company’s results beyond just selling.

What framework conditions need to be met for successful sales?

Sales and turnover depend on Sales, but also on Marketing, on Innovative power, from Product management, from Product itself and from Throughput in Operation.

Sales success is almost inevitable if you have services that are in line with the market. However, your sales cannot be successful if your products are not in line with the market or your service is not right. The good fit of the products and services with market needs can be significantly influenced by market research, the results of which are incorporated into the needs assessment flow in. The more complex the distribution is, the more likely it is that the products or services are not in line with the market. Needs change over time; Products that were once in high demand may lose their appeal over time as more contemporary competitive products become available. Instead of investing more and more sales effort in such situations, it is advisable to take a critical look at the products. The ability to innovate plays a major role here.

However, a lack of sales success can also be due to marketing that is not targeted. You should therefore also focus your attention on the accompanying marketing, especially on marketing communication. Do you have the reach you need with your marketing? Are the messages clear? Are you addressing your target groups with relevant content?

Good Branding can also support sales success.

Only when the general conditions are right is it worth taking a look at sales itself. Here it is advisable to choose between the Sales strategy, the Sales organization and the Sales Management.

Sales is an essential business function. Sales quality must not suffer from a tight budget. Bring suitable sales staff to the front and lead your sales team professionally. Recommendations on human resources management, especially on external management, but also tips on personnel recruitment will help you “]. Even in situations where available money is tight, there are realistic financing options that can be easily implemented with a little creativity. Don’t skimp on professional sales.


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