Sales strategy as a success factor for companies

Does your company have a sales strategy? Is it sufficiently well known in your sales organization? How would you like to expand your sales?

The sales strategy should support the corporate strategy. Look at your corporate strategy and derive a coherent sales strategy from it. If you see yourself as a solution provider, your sales department should have this ability to provide solutions. In this case, think about customer-oriented product development, possibly a modular service offering that addresses existing customer needs, and powerful technical sales support. If you consider yourself to be a price leader, you will also cut off all activities in sales that go beyond what is necessary. In this way you show your customers that you are doing everything you can to avoid costs in order to be able to offer cost-effective products.

An important sales strategy aspect is the clear decision for your sub-markets and your target customer segments. The clearer your focus, the better you can adapt your market services to the needs of your customers. You develop a sharp performance profile and thereby gain the trust of your target customers. According to this orientation, you decide on a business model that you want to operate with your target customers and a appropriate pricing that you can enforce.


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