Sales organisation: How to build the right structure

Unfortunately, a good sales strategy does not take effect by itself; it must be implemented by people. This realization applies not only to traditional sales, but also to online sales via your own web stores and online trading platforms. You need a powerful sales organization. When we talk about organization, we mean it. Sales need to be organized, regardless of whether they are carried out by a one-man show or by a large sales team.

Our recommendation: Always start from the process that lies behind the sales strategy. How is value to be created in the sales process? What different tasks are included in this value creation process? How are the interfaces between these tasks defined? How are the interfaces between the sales process and other processes defined? And finally, what personality traits, skills, experience, and relationships are required not only to perform these tasks, but also to keep the process integrated at the internal and external interfaces?


What are your challenges?

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