Sales negotiation and transaction

The negotiation phase

Once mediation between prospective buyers and prospective sellers has been initiated and there is mutual interest in pursuing the transaction process further, the negotiation phase will begin at some point. All the results of the negotiations are gradually incorporated into a draft transaction contract. The contract also defines the handover date. The seller’s commitments are secured by enforceable guarantees in the contract.

The signing of the contract and the handover of the deal

If the negotiating parties reach an agreement, the contract is finally signed. Finally, on the handover date agreed in the transaction contract, responsibility for the company or business is transferred to the buyer handover or closing.

If a commercial property is to be transferred along with the business, a notarized purchase agreement must be made on it. Appropriate advance scheduling should be considered so as not to delay the transaction. Often, other parties are formally involved in the real estate transaction than in the corporate transaction. Provide the notary with the necessary data well in advance of the transaction.

Buyers and sellers are in any case advised to seek tax advice.


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