Responsibility for Sustainable Operations

Not only pointing out this global aberration, but also helping to correct it within the scope of our possibilities for the sustainable benefit of companies is an important leadership task that we in industry and in sectors of industry-related services as well as in politics must face up to.

You can make a significant contribution to this by mentally reorganizing your business against the backdrop of the limits to economic growth, developing coherent concepts for a sustainable way of working, and initiating and responsibly supporting promising change projects.

Do not allow yourself to be drawn into projects that have “business as usual” as their goal. In doing so, you would contribute to the continuation of the undesirable development.

Instead, prepare your organization responsibly for a prosperous future in a world with limited economic growth. Prepare your managers and colleagues for the fact that the growth path will gradually close itself. That’s because previous drivers of growth, such as access to raw materials, energy and good, empowered employees, are now becoming growth limiters.

Problems cannot be solved by the same means by which they were created.

Albert Einstein

Clearly, we need to think and act in a new way to implement sustainable operations.


What are your challenges?

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