Reduction of Non-Essential Assets

When liquidity is needed, little thought is given to reducing non-essential assets.  This may be because people do not believe in a quick sale.

However, in situations where liquidity is urgently needed, there is often a mental barrier. People don’t even think about which assets can be sold without harming the business. Therefore, you should already do this exercise in quiet times and, if possible, also initiate the implementation. 

Which assets are suitable for generating cash?

Take a critical look at your inventory levels. Excess inventories, without which the operational business can continue to run without problems, should be reduced.

Machines that are no longer used, i.e. are obsolete for your business, are also suitable for disposal. There are specialist used machinery dealers who can evaluate and broker these machines.

Also look at real estate that is not being used by your business. If you need liquidity, such property can be mortgaged if necessary or also sold. Take such steps boldly.

In addition to customers, suppliers are also suitable as financiers of your business.


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