Recruitment: Attracting skilled workers

Recruiting suitable personnel is becoming increasingly difficult. This is because employees are becoming more demanding. Professional employer branding is becoming increasingly important to attract and retain employees.

Start the recruitment process early. Expect more than 50 days before you have an employee under contract (time-to-hire) and an average of 80 days before a new employee starts their job after their notice period has expired (time-to-fill). The onboarding period will take another three months before new employees can become truly productive. So you have to bridge a total time of 7 months before a new employee “takes hold”. This is why a good recruitment process is so important. Create an accurate and attractive search profile, select suitable search channels and prepare candidate interviews well.

Despite the best recruitment process, there is a certain risk that the employee will not be a good fit after all and will leave your company again within this time. Therefore, not only the recruiting process is very important, but also the onboarding process.


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