Reach and Target Customer Focus

If you want to market your service, you need reach with your marketing activities. Reach is achieved primarily through advertising, public relations and optimisation of your online presence.

Target customer focus

Activity is good. But because marketing costs money, you should avoid wastage. So the reach should not be arbitrary, but should be focused on your target segments in the target markets. The next challenge is to address the target customers in the target markets in an attractive and effective way.

In order to market effectively, it is important to have a good knowledge of the customer-side purchasing processes. Buying decisions are usually not made by individuals; rather, several operational functions are involved in the buying decision (“buying centre”). Who in the customer’s “buying centre” influences the purchasing decisions? Who uses the procured articles at the customer? How does the buying process work at the customer? How is the decision to buy finally made?

In order to find answers to these questions, a buyer-personas analysis is a good idea.

In marketing, a combination of inbound and outbound measures is suitable. Inbound measures are suitable for bringing target customers to the company who are not yet known to the company by name. Outbound measures are used to specifically address target customers and encourage them to take action.


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