Quality Function Deployment: Purpose, function & task of product

While marketing and product management tend to focus on specifying the function and benefits of the “right” future products, product development has to get these right products right. This is often a major challenge as well.

The Quality Function Deployment (QFD) method can be used to systematically “map” the purpose, function, and mission of a product with characteristics, features, and qualities of the future product. The correlation between features and benefits can be worked out. In this way, the necessary characteristics can be derived conclusively from the expectations and requirements. Knowing that there are always several solution paths and several solution variants, QFD helps to consistently separate the requirements from the solutions. This has two advantages: First, it expands the solution space and the field of possibilities for you, and second, it allows you to focus your product development attention on implementing the essential functions.

When using QFD, pay attention to dynamic adaptability. QFD must not be applied too strictly, especially for longer development times. Changing conditions must be incorporated into adapted requirements. Ongoing feedback between the QFD project management function and the product management function is important.


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