Classic public relations work

Unlike advertising, public relations (PR) allows you to inform the stakeholders around your company and position your brand and corporate identity (CI).

With PR you can win over opinion leaders and influencers in the public for your company, but you can also promote the loyalty of your employees to your company.

PR clearly distinguishes itself from superficial product advertising; you can use PR to build up your company’s image and reputation in a targeted and sustainable way. To this end, PR content has a journalistic character, not an advertising character. PR contributions should not be a self-portrayal, but should appear as a neutral external portrayal, even if the contributions are created by your own PR departments or PR agencies commissioned by your company.

Typical occasions for PR are changes in the shareholder structure, personnel changes in the company, product launches in new markets, commitment to sustainable action and social engagement of the company, but also a communicative crisis support.

PR contributions not only involve writing appropriate articles, but of course also distributing these articles to journalists who “feed” relevant media. In order for your PR contributions to be accepted and placed by the media, you need good relationships with journalists (media relations).


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