Project organisation: How to implement it?

As an alternative to a formal organizational structure, which also includes the process-oriented form of organization, companies that predominantly perform project work can set themselves up in a project organization.

Example: For example, management consulting companies, marketing agencies, construction companies and industrial services companies are all candidates for a project organizational structure.

Through the project organization you put the project character of your business in the foreground of consideration and support your business process. In order to support the pure project organization, additional staff units can be established, for example for financial management, for human resources management and for marketing. However, the operational business should run independently within the project structure. The decisive factor for the organizational structure is to identify which functions are needed and useful in the project work. It makes sense to keep tasks that require a great deal of detailed knowledge about the projects, such as project costing and project controlling, on site in addition to project management and the project office. Supporting functions, such as staffing and material for the projects, can be managed centrally to achieve a pooling advantage.

Within a project organization, project teams are formed ad hoc to solve time-limited tasks. Ensure that project teams are interdisciplinary; diversity favors results that take the whole into account and therefore gain broad acceptance and have a lasting impact. Mix up project teams again and again. In this way, you achieve a combination of the advantage of well-rehearsed teams with the advantage of fresh approaches and the advantage of flexibility and independence in deployment planning.

This form of project organization is particularly suitable for change processes, but also for powerful work “on the front lines,” for example for demanding customer projects that need to be delivered individually.


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