Professional and personal characteristics of your employees

Of course, people have different professional and personal characteristics. It is helpful to recognize these differences and to know how best to deal with them. A system developed by Myers Briggs is suitable for this purpose.

Another topic is the personal attitude and behavior of people. When hiring, check not only the professional but also the personal characteristics of applicants. Professional qualifications can be developed with good basic training; personal characteristics are not likely to change. If you should have a disturbing feeling during the interview, it is best to decide against the applicant. Employees are usually hired primarily for their professional qualifications, but then dismissed because of their personality. Save yourself and your organization this experience. Inappropriate behavior destroys the performance climate. But beware of bogus solutions such as “replacing the trainer after a game has been lost”. But also take a conscientious look at the conditions under which the employee concerned has to work and whether essential prerequisites are perhaps missing for the employee to be successful. If this is the case, his successor would be in a similar position.

If you decide to part with employees, think carefully about how you want to do this. Treat your employees fairly even in such situations.


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