Optimise processes and process steps

Processes and process steps are the line structure along which information and working output, but also materials, raw materials and semi-finished products are transported and transformed.

It is always worth taking a look at the optimization potential of existing processes. In doing so, it is important to consider how the processes currently being executed originally came about. As a rule, the processes currently in place in a company were created “organically” due to technical circumstances and as an adaptation to situations or circumstances that were important and worthy of attention at the time they were created.

If this is also true for your company, fine-tuning the processes does not go far enough. It is probably worthwhile tackling a complete reengineering of your processes and their sub-steps.

The decisive factor is that the end result is what your customers expect – and ideally even a little bit more. To achieve this, a strong feedback culture is essential throughout the entire process. The more targeted the communication, the more likely it is that your organization will be able to compensate for deviations on the way to service creation.


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