Procedures for Product Development

Does your product development apply contemporary methods that achieve usable results in a reasonable amount of time?

Up to now, product development has known the classic cascade from the planning phase through a concept phase and a design phase to the elaboration phase. This was very helpful when markets were more stable. There is another aspect to this: people no longer think and work through large work packages. They work in an increasingly fragmented way; they drive different topics forward in parallel and are constantly provided with impulses that influence their further course of action. In their networking with others, they influence their work environment. New ideas, new expectations and new requirements are constantly emerging. The advantage of always being able to react to the environment in an up-to-date manner cannot, of course, be implemented in a meaningful way with a cascade-like approach to product development. Nevertheless, it should be possible to implement product development efficiently and effectively. Which procedures are recommended for such “moving targets”?

Well, you need a system that allows you to achieve progress but not to commit too early.


What are your challenges?

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