Print Marketing or Online Marketing

When planning direct marketing, the question always arises as to whether you are more likely to reach your customers via print and more likely online. You’ve probably asked yourself the same question. Print is usually expensive. If you want to send advertising messages to your target customers as a letter, there are costs for printing, possibly also for envelopes, but in any case for addressing and for postage. Sending marketing messages by e-mail is considerably less expensive. But what is the effect? Which form are your target customers more likely to respond to in the intended way?

If you do not want to carry out direct marketing, but would like to address target customers in relevant target groups whose addresses you do not yet have, advertisements in trade journals, billboard advertising, bus advertising, etc. are suitable in the print sector, while on the Internet, advertising in online forums and social media platforms that are relevant in terms of subject matter and interests is suitable. Here, too, the question arises as to whether print or online advertising promises better success.

In many cases, the appropriate mix of channels is the best choice. Target customers move online and in real life. You can find out which channels they respond to in a particularly positive way with a buyer persona analysis.


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