Presentation items and products correctly

Show your products in a relevant place! The best offer is of no use if it cannot be found. And this does not (only) mean your web presence, but also a very traditional product catalog. If you don’t list items where customers would expect to find them, you won’t sell them.

Example: A technical wholesaler evaluated its suppliers, among other things, according to how many sales were made with their products. Some items had already been discontinued because they hadn’t sold. But was it really due to the products? In its product range catalog, the specialist wholesaler listed the articles according to product groups, but also according to applications. However, some articles were so “hidden” that customers with their natural search behavior had no chance of finding them. This was the real reason for the lack of sales. A systematic review of the positions where items are expected from the customer’s point of view significantly boosted sales of previously “disadvantaged” items. Of course, this was hard work, but it was worth it – for the suppliers as well.


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