Prerequisites for Agile Working

In order to achieve agile working, your management team that promotes agile working. A participatory management style and a culture of trust and appreciation are necessary prerequisites for introducing agile working. A culture of trust and respect not only has a positive effect on the ability to deal confidently with conflict, but also has and must have an effect on the decision-making process in the company. Agile work also places completely different demands on controlling and risk management than on conventional work. Finally, the organizational structure must also do justice to agile working.

Your employees need creativity and courage to act. Your organisation, your structures and your contracts must be high flexible in order to be able to adapt quickly to new framework conditions. You also need functioning regulation systems in your organization that can compensate for disruptions.

As you can see, agile working is anything but just a buzzword. The entire way of working in the company must be adjusted to agile working for it to work.


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