Prerequisites for Agile Working

In order to “survive” in environments with increasing speed of change and more frequent disruptive changes (3.1 “Holistic, Networked Approach”), you need to keep your organization agile. How do you achieve this? It won’t work to order. Your organization must learn to respond to change in a flexible and aligned way on an ongoing basis. Decisions need to be made at the grassroots level. Everyone in the organization must see the whole, act in the spirit of the whole, and thus take responsibility for the whole.

To achieve this, your management team must develop a systems-oriented attitude that promotes agile working. A participative management style and a culture of trust and appreciation are necessary prerequisites for introducing agile working. A culture of trust and appreciation not only has a positive effect on the ability to deal with conflicts confidently, but also has an impact and must have an impact on the decision-making process in the company. Completely different requirements are also placed on controlling and risk management for agile working than for conventional working. Finally, the organizational structure must also meet the requirements of agile working.

Your employees need creativity and the courage to act. Your organization, your structures, and your contracts must be designed to be highly flexible in order to be able to adapt quickly to new conditions. You also need functioning rule systems in your organization that can compensate for disruptions.

As you can see, agile working is anything but just a buzzword. The entire way of working in the company must be adjusted to agile working for it to work.


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