Performance climate and togetherness

Leading means creating a performance climate and at the same time cultivating fair and respectful interaction with one another, in a balanced relationship at a high level.

Very important for a performance climate is that you put the right employees in the right place. Find out what your employees are interested in and how they want to develop.

The basis for the coexistence of a performance climate and respectful behavior among colleagues is a culture of trust and appreciation. If such a culture is not in place, it must be carefully developed in a guided change management process. It is advisable to bring professional expertise into the company for this process.

Not all employees are the same. That is a good thing, because they can complement each other. But there are also differences in the performance and potential strength of employees. It is worthwhile taking a look at these differences and considering how to deal with them. Specially it is useful to identify high potentials and high performers in the organization and to appreciate their values.


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