The Pareto principle: Focus on required delivery

Focus on the activities that “your customers” pay for. By customers, we mean primarily internal customers. These are your superiors, your colleagues and your employees. What do you need to deliver to your supervisor? What is most important to your internal customers so that they can perform this “delivery” as well as possible? In conversation with those around you, find out what is truly essential and focus on that essential. Fulfil what is reasonable for you and avoid waste by following the 80-20 principle according to Wilfredo Pareto: 80% of the result you already achieve with 20% of the effort. Every further detail and every further perfection increases the effort disproportionately. Discuss this approach with your environment.

In addition to the Pareto principle, the concept of meaningful allocation of time, which has gone down in literature as the Eisenhower principle, is helpful.


What are your challenges?

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