Outbound marketing simply explained

Outbound marketing allows you to communicate with prospects whose contact information you already have and are allowed to use. Implement a double opt-in process to have prospects approve the use of contact data. Grow the list of approved contact data as a repository for your direct marketing (“Earned Customer List”).

The more you know about your prospects and customers, the more specifically you can address them and the more favorably your messages will be received. Success with direct marketing therefore depends heavily on target customer focus.

How do you quickly get a mailing list with relevant companies?

You can buy lists with relevant addresses from list providers. But that is expensive. You can also rent the lists. You can use rented lists immediately for your campaigns. However, you can only use these addresses once. Is that of any use to you at all? Yes, you have several options: You can use parts of address lists for different campaigns in order to investigate which campaign leads to a better response. You can design the campaigns in such a way that you offer attractive information, such as a white paper, in exchange for the release of the contact data. By email, you would obtain this release using the double opt-in process. You can then use these “gained” contacts for further approaches, for example with newsletters, and thus build up your own contact list. Experienced direct marketing experts can help you with this.


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