Operational Risk Self-Assessment (ORSA)

The ORSA records the operational risks to which your company is exposed in a process. Encourage each employee to write down on an ongoing basis – on a monthly basis, for example – the significant risks they identify in their area of work. Also encourage them to assess the likelihood that the identified risks will occur and the impact on the company if they do occur.

For example, operational risks include order backlog, contribution margins, contract fulfilment, material supply, manufacturing backlog, key personnel, machine availability, etc.

Encourage entrepreneurial thinking among your employees by asking them to propose measures that are suitable for averting the risks or limiting their impact on your company. The indications are aggregated along the organizational structure and lead to a statement about the risk exposure of your entire company and to recommendations on how to deal with these risks. With this information, you can manage your operational risks.

However, you will not only benefit from the regular bottom-up flow of information, but more importantly, you will increase the risk management awareness of all your employees.


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