Optimal onboarding processes

Because recruiting high-potential employees is so difficult, lengthy and cost-intensive, every effort should be made to retain good, new employees and bind them to the company. The introductory phase is particularly critical. A proven tool during this start-up phase is a solid onboarding process. Don’t leave new employees on their own. Provide them with a mentor to help them find their way around the company.

  • What documents about the company do you provide to new employees?
  • Do you conduct an individual training program with new employees?
  • How do you introduce new employees to colleagues? Do you use a notice board or a circular e-mail for this purpose?
  • How do you introduce new managers to the workforce?
  • How do you involve new employees in day-to-day operations, or in projects?
  • When do you give new employees responsibility?

During the orientation period, new employees get to know the leadership style in the company and perceive what the working atmosphere in the company is like, how well the processes work and how innovative the company really is. Your new employees will recognize whether your efforts to achieve positive employer branding correspond to reality. The better your company is positioned, the greater your chances of retaining and engaging good employees.


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