Need for a Foresight Process

If we look at the future of companies, we encounter uncertainties and even contradictory statements and observations in many places, as well as old and new principles and patterns at the same time. These simultaneously present contradictions are strong indications that many corporate environments are currently undergoing a transformation process.

Technological and process innovations and political decisions as well as social movements and, above all, global economic networking are leading to discontinuities in previously steady developments and sometimes even to radically changed framework conditions for companies. Such movements usually are complex issues. New constellations offer completely new opportunities and risks, but also require new thinking and action. In order to position themselves strategically and launch successful innovations – a core task of companies – activities must be brought into line with the respective developments in the environment. However, a linear extrapolation of the past no longer does justice to the diversity of opportunities and the associated complexity in many markets; choose networked approaches to thinking that penetrate the driving forces of change (shaping factors, shaping actors) and make them usable. Individuals cannot provide this service. A holistic, networked approach is required.

A continuous and sophisticated strategic dialog becomes indispensable. Such a dialog is an essential – perhaps even the most important – component of so-called corporate foresight initiatives.


What are your challenges?

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