Models for Increasing Sales

“Cross Selling”: Include products in your portfolio that complement your services and bring additional benefits to customers.

Examples include Tchibo, Shell and IKEA.

“Guaranteed Availability”: If you guarantee product availability or delivery times to your customers, you can usually sell more and charge higher prices. With the higher sales volume and higher margins, you can organize the effort for availability.

Examples include Wildkamp and Amazon.

“Leverage Customer Data”: You can benefit from customer data and transaction data that you gain from your business. This allows you to offer your products in a more targeted manner and, if necessary, sell data to third parties.

Prominent examples include Amazon Store, Google and Facebook.

“Long Tail, Supermarket”: If you expand your retail offering on your already existing platform with many more products, even if they have lower margins, you can generate additional contribution margins. The more comprehensive the product range, the more customers your store will attract.

Examples include Apple with iTunes and Amazon Store, and home improvement stores.

“Make more of it”: If you stand for certain qualities in your company, try to profit from this reputation by bringing the qualities to other submarkets and market segments.

Examples are Porsche with “Porsche Design” and Leica with Leica Camera and Leica Microscopes and Leica Imaging Systems.


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