Models for Increasing Liquidity

“Cash Machine”: Have your customers pay in advance so that you can then use it to make payments to your creditors with payment terms.

Examples include discount stores.

“Crowdfunding”: Generate cash from a large number of investors who believe in your idea, and at the same time draw attention to your project.

An example of this is Brainpool.

“Fractional Ownership”: In some cases, you can let different customers share ownership of equipment, machinery or tools. Customers benefit from having access to the resources, but you don’t need to finance the assets yourself.

For example, injection molds can be financed jointly by different customers.

“Revenue Sharing”: Try to achieve a higher value in the network with performance partners than you could on your own. Offer these performance partners a revenue share as an incentive instead of payment for services rendered. This may allow you to implement larger and riskier projects.

An example of this is Groupon.


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