Mediation: Mediating between parties

If a conflict between several parties is really deadlocked, mediation by a neutral third party is an option. This mediator should be recognized by all parties involved in the conflict.

Mediation is about structuring opinions and working out approaches to solutions that are accepted by all parties to the conflict. The mediator should avoid representing one side at all costs, but he or she should certainly question statements that are not substantiated. In doing so, he or she should not only question opinions, but above all emotional states, in order to grasp the actual state of affairs together with the conflict parties. Moderation is a challenge. Good mediators can bring communication back to a factual level and even let the parties crystallize solutions themselves after deadlocked disputes.

Mediators must be strongly directive in order to repeatedly break up escalations and motivate cooperation. Proven discussion techniques can help them to do this.


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