Marketing: This is why it’s so important

Marketing does not only begin with the marketing of existing products or services. Rather, marketing should start at the product design stage. Let?s not only look at the products and services themselves, but also to the product development. The first step towards successful marketing is therefore a needs analysis, consisting of a sound market research, including a sharp look to the buyer personas. The results of the needs analysis should flow into product development and product management, including services. This ongoing consistency can ensure needs-based products that can be marketed naturally. But this does not happen on its own. Indeed, the benefits must be communicated in a way that is appropriate to the target group. Targeted marketing messages should be derived. Only then can successful branding be pursued.

How do you assess the marketing process in your company? How do you determine the needs of your target customers? Does the product design address the actual customer needs? Are the benefits of your services systematically communicated to your target customers? How well do you build your brand(s) through branding?

Unfortunately, marketing is often cut back in situations where money is tight. In many companies, the budget for marketing is planned as a percentage of sales. Of course, this completely misses the point because you want to achieve future success with your marketing measures. Therefore, the marketing budget must be based on your market goals. Marketing is an investment in the future that must be financed. There are realistic financing options that, with a little creativity, can be implemented even in situations where cash is tight.


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