Marketing Messages by Mail

If you then have the contact details of the relevant target customers, you have created the prerequisite for sending them marketing messages personally by mail. The cost of printing, inserting the messages in envelopes and postage stops many reputable companies from sending out a lot of marketing messages. Rather, they will want to target their mailings more precisely. Tried and tested direct marketing methods are available for this purpose. Successful approaches include the A/B method: send two sophisticated marketing messages to different smaller subsets of the same target group and wait for the response. The method that leads to the larger response is obviously the more successful of the two test campaigns. Now you can further differentiate the more successful method and conduct another A/B test with smaller subsets of the same target group. You can then apply the more successful message to the entire remaining target group with probably a high success/effort ratio.

When sending marketing messages, make sure they are relevant and useful to your target audience. To do this, you need to segment your target customers appropriately.

As an alternative to sending marketing messages by mail, you can also send your marketing messages by e-mail.


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