Marketing Messages by E-Mail

Sending e-mail messages is considerably less expensive than sending marketing messages by mail and also involve overcoming another hurdle. You have to get your target customers’ permission for you to send them marketing messages. In addition, you must be able to prove at any time that your target customers have given you their consent. This is a mandatory requirement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Address brokers have usually already obtained the approval of the target customers and make it available to you in a legally protected manner. They provide you with ready-to-use contact addresses of your target customers. If you want to use customer data that you have researched yourself, you need a declaration of consent from your target customers beforehand. This is not unimportant. You must either use SEO ( and/or SEA ( to position your offer advantageously on the Internet so that your target customers find your offer and subscribe to the distribution list of your newsletter, for example, or you can rent address data of relevant target customers and use them once. In order to be able to send your marketing message, you always require the consent of your target customers by means of a double opt-in procedure, unless you already have a business relationship with the customer and your message relates to the transaction that has taken place.

When sending marketing messages via e-mail, pay attention to the relevance and benefit for your target group. To do this, you need to segment your target customers appropriately. You can also run multi-stage campaigns that first arouse curiosity, then induce interest, and finally create demand for your offering.

The success of marketing campaigns conducted via email is measured by relevant metrics such as “open rate”, “click-through rate” and “response to email”. It is also possible to create so-called “heat map diagrams”, which show at what time the interest is greatest. If you succeed in getting your first e-mail opened, there is a good chance that your follow-up mails will also be opened. You can determine whether your mail has been opened using technical tracking solutions. Email marketing experts can help you with this.


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