Marketing & Sales: How to increase your turnover

Revenue needs sales. It is obvious to think first of the sales team if sales are to be boosted. But experience shows that, in addition to the sales team, product management, innovative strength, the resulting products, marketing and the operational order throughput also have a significant influence on sales figures. Behind these factors, in turn, lie criteria such as process quality, the suitability of processing machinery and financial strength.

Revenue is not only derived from sales volume, but also from pricing. There is often potential to be tapped here as well. Finally, the quality of leadership is also of decisive importance for sales and turnover.

That’s why it pays to take a holistic approach to initiatives aimed at increasing sales and revenue.  

Marketing and sales are necessary, but they also cost money. But even in situations where the available money is tight, there are realistic financing options that can be implemented with a little creativity.


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