Market Penetration with Existing Products in Existing Markets

Do you want to penetrate your existing markets more with your existing products? Basically, your products work well for your existing customers. Your challenge is to expand your awareness beyond your existing customer base and develop your sales level. Then you are dealing with traditional marketing and sales issues.

It is not uncommon for the sales department to lack the incentive to actively acquire new customers. The sales team is quite comfortable sticking to order processing. Occasionally, a new customer makes an inquiry and is then served. But customer acquisition is hardly noticeable. In every organization, there must be continuously new impulses so that customers are acquired.

Example: Large companies receive relevant inquiries regardless of their sales activity. Customers take the initiative to include significant suppliers in their procurement process. Although the market presence of large companies is secured through professional marketing and PR work with large budgets, sales often degenerates into an order processing machinery.

Example: Many successful niche suppliers are not strong in sales. They are known in their niche and are commissioned to do work or supply products, but there is little or no acquisition outside this often narrow circle of customers and applications.

Don’t be fooled by sales people or sales representatives. They often perform the same “routine tricks” with existing customers. Acquiring new customers is difficult for them. Activate your sales force. Check whether your sales organization is set up in a way that is suitable for acquisition and for your sales management. You are also dealing with a leadership issue.


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