Leading a Business

When we talk about leadership, we are primarily talking about the strategic and operational management of business. Personnel leadership is an important means to an end.

Deal primarily with setting up your business in a strategically sensible and sustainable way. To this end, it is useful to take a look at attractive growth markets that are driven and supported by megatrends. To gain a clear view of such attractive growth markets, it is best to remove yourself completely from your current business. Take a consistent outside-in approach to ensure you are “leaning your ladder against the right wall.” From the identified attractive growth markets, select those markets to which your organization is likely to contribute services. In these markets, you can expect the best revenue and contribution margin potential. The knowledge of basic business models and strategy options help to define a promising way.

Many companies cling tightly to their existing business areas and try to survive in intense competition by implementing further efficiency measures. It is better to crystallize business areas in which you can offer services with your organization that are not in intense competition (blue oceans).

Encourage your team to constantly look for better business opportunities. Do not limit people management to ensuring the implementation of predefined operational goals, but also include the invitation to help shape the business by implementing an appropriate decision-making process and by fostering agile working.


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