Intuitive methods for more creativity

What are intuitive creativity techniques?

In addition to discursive methods, there are intuitive methods that promote creativity.

Intuitive methods activate the subconscious and stimulate associations with completely different areas from which, if necessary, ways of solving concrete problems can be adopted. Intuitive methods create connections with knowledge that was previously unconnected and therefore not included in the search for solutions.

Using intuition effectively to find ideas

Through intuitive creativity methods, implicit knowledge (know-how) and pictorial, episodic knowledge (memory of images and imagination) are included in solution-finding processes in addition to explicit, retrievable knowledge. In particular, intuitive methods promote associative, disruptive thinking. We are led out of our habitual ways of thinking. However, overcoming the barrier to new ways of thinking also requires courage. We have to be willing to engage in it.

Examples of intuitive creativity methods

Well-known simple intuitive creativity methods include brainstorming and brainwriting. In both methods, people are stimulated to think further and connect through the contributions of others.

The 6-3-5 method also produces amazing results with simple implementation. There are many other intuitive creativity techniques that will be discussed in the following sections.


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