International Expansion with Existing Products

What you sell successfully in your country might also sell well in other countries. You can check whether you can also expand into other countries with your products. To do this, you should first conduct a market analysis of the target countries. Can your products be used unchanged in your target countries? Some applications are subject to country-specific approval conditions, which you must observe. Approval processes can be time-consuming and costly. In addition to formal requirements, however, country-specific customs can also make sales success in other countries difficult or even impossible.

Example: You have noticed that there are no beer crates in Turkey. Beer bottles are sold there in plastic shrink wrap tied into packages. Now you might get the idea of selling beer crates in Turkey. In the Turkish market, returnable systems such as the beer crate circulation system have not been introduced. The circulation of the crates would fail because of the habits in Turkey. The crates would not be returned by consumers. Therefore, a project to introduce returnable beer crates in Turkey would fail.

Therefore, take a close look at what is currently being used to solve problems in your target country and how it is being dealt with. Do not underestimate the relevance of market research. Pricing abroad is also a challenge.

Also take a close look at the mentality of the people in your target country. Do not try to convert people in other countries, but pick up where people are today in terms of their thoughts and habits.

You must also succeed in ensuring the sales process and service in your target countries. This is also a major challenge. Customers want to be served in their own language. If possible, they would also like to have contacts from your company in their area in order to gain trust. As an alternative to developing your own sales organization, you may be able to enlist an existing sales organization in the target market to sell your products. Sales organizations that already sell other products to your target customers are ideal. You may even want to buy a sales organization.

Expansion into additional countries may require changes to the organizational structure.

Professional project management is necessary for international expansion. Give your organization the necessary time to prepare the conditions for marketing abroad, but monitor such expansion projects with tight controlling and risk management.


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