Inbound marketing: definition, measures, literature

How do I attract customers to my business?

One way is to simply wait for customers to randomly come into the store and buy. This is what spiders do with their webs. The effect could be improved by adding an attractive store window to the store. Similarly, a web-based store will have an attractive website on the Internet. Shop windows and websites can encourage customers to enter the store. However, customers must already be in front of the store window or have visited the website to do so.

The challenge, then, is to inform customers that the store exists and drive them to the store or website. Broad-based advertising that reaches the target customers is best suited for this. Advertising should be aired or displayed in contexts where target customers spend time.

Examples: Leisure offers meet their target customers in entrance halls to cinemas, offers for car accessories on DMAX, offers for travel deals in commercial breaks of cruise comedies.

The same recommendations apply to web-based offers. Internet users can be targeted where they are. If you want to attract customers for toolmaking, you can book advertising on the Internet exactly where users are looking for toolmaking. For example, you could book GoogleAds (Search Engine Advertizing SEA) for the relevant terms. How you can use SEA effectively, read here. Accompanying you could appear editorially in relevant industry magazines and on relevant websites and draw attention to your offer (public relations PR). You can find out how to implement public relations here.

However, you can also make your own website so attractive for search engines that it is displayed on the first ranks as a search result when relevant search terms are entered in search engines (Search Engine Optimization SEO). How SEO works, read here.


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