Identifying High Potentials and High Performers

Assess your employees according to their potential and performance and manage them accordingly. High-potential performers are your top performers. Concentrate on these top performers. However, you should also encourage high-potential employees who are not yet performing to their full potential. Also identify top performers who no longer have potential or who no longer want to develop. You should part with employees who neither deliver the expected performance nor show potential as soon as possible. They only tie up your attention and time. Instead of spending a lot of time and effort on motivating employees who are not willing or able to perform, focus on your high-potential and high-performing employees, who also need attention.

When defining performance and potential, make sure it is consistent with current and future demands on your organization. Requirements for your personnel must be developed in accordance with the requirements for your organization. Regularly identify gaps in skills and experience and try to close them through systematic HR work. Bind your high potentials and high performers to your organization.

People differ not only in terms of their performance and potential, but also professionally and personally.


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