From skilled worker to manager in 3 steps


As a specialist, you have a clerical function in which you carry out work. You analyze problems and solve them yourself to a large extent, if necessary in cooperation with your colleagues.


Perhaps you have already grown into a coaching role through your expert knowledge. If so, you already have experience in guiding colleagues, training them, and helping them with their professional development. You may also have had experience in facilitating meetings. Coordination is another level of personal development that requires skills other than pure technical ability. This is how you develop into a leader.


As a manager, you must get used to no longer carrying out many things yourself, but rather having your employees work out solutions. Your contribution now lies more in creating the necessary conditions for your employees to work effectively and efficiently. You delegate the work itself to your employees and prioritize it. It is important that you listen, look, agree on meaningful goals, bring about UID FEHLT!, motivate, coordinate activities and show appreciation for your employees.


What are your challenges?

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