Field leadership: How to lead staff

In distinction to self-leadership or internal leadership, the leadership of others is called external leadership. By the way, you can not only lead employees; you can also lead your superiors and your customers to a certain degree. External leadership includes creating a performance climate and cultivating respectful behaviour among colleagues, creating a culture of trust and appreciation, identifying high potentials and high performers, the consideration of professional and personal characteristics of employees, for which the Myers Briggs type indicator can be helpful, and situational leadership.

Necessary prerequisites for good leadership are willingness to lead, leadership ability, and leadership opportunity.

Agreements on objectives and making decisions are also important components of leadership. In addition, to be able to lead effectively, an insight into the topic of motivation is useful. Get information on employee reviews and on how to avoid and resolve conflicts. You will also receive advice on how to successfully make the transition from specialist to manager

But also learn here how to introduce and promote agile working in your organization and how to make project management effective.

Leadership can be used not only to manage, but above all to design. Leadership enables creative design within the team. Individual design is embedded in a design process through leadership. Through good leadership, fronts between designers and administrators can be brought together through process. Design can take place not only at the operational level, for example in product development, but also at the process level (middle level). Here, design has not really been pronounced in companies so far, but is rather perceived as a burden, although a lot of earnings and stabilization potential lies here. At the strategic level, design (strategic component of design) is least developed in many companies. Yet “design” is a strategy topic. Therefore, it is useful to know about business models and strategic options as well as being creative.

There are maturity models for organizations that you can use to analyze the leadership quality of your organization.

The prerequisite for successful leadership is a balance between a performance climate and respectful interaction.


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