Environmental Management System in Accordance with EN DIN ISO 14001

The EN DIN ISO 14001 standard can serve as a guideline for a sustainable approach to our environment. This standard helps you to determine, evaluate and optimize environment-related key figures in your company and to keep a life cycle assessment.

Certification in accordance with EN DIN ISO 14001 is a necessary prerequisite for CO2 tax relief. For a certification you have to commit yourself to adhere to the self-created processes and to fulfil the legal requirements (“commitment to compliance”).

But dealing with EN DIN ISO 14001 should not only be seen as a means to this end; because this standard can actually support you on the way to better sustainability in a practical way. The standard, which was first published in 1996, incorporates methodological findings and, in the meantime, also valuable experience from operational practice.

Other management systems that promote the enforcement of environmental and social standards are EMAS, AA1000 and SA8000.

Management systems are based on a public commitment by management to a defined course of action. This public commitment is a key driver for implementation discipline.


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