Double opt-in procedure for legally secure lead generation

If you rent contact data, you can only write to these “paid target customers” once by e-mail. With this one-time marketing measure, you must acquire as many target customers as possible as your own “owned target customers”. Your message must show your target customers a benefit that you want to redeem for the price of releasing their contact data for further marketing messages. As a standard offer, an interesting whitepaper or the results of a relevant analysis that you offer to your target customers via e-mail have proven to be effective. In return, interested target customers give you their contact data and agree to receive further marketing messages from you in a double opt-in process.

The legally protected double-opt-in mechanism stipulates that interested parties who indicate that they would like to receive a white paper from you or subscribe to your newsletter must respond to a subsequent order confirmation e-mail and thus confirm that they really want to receive this information. This is a relatively good way to protect Internet users from spam, and it gives you legal certainty by proving that your target customers actually requested the information you sent. Always offer your target customers an opportunity to withdraw their consent. Managing user data and their confirmation statuses is an important documentation process for you. There are e-mail marketing tools that perform this task automatically. This also has the advantage of really responding to every prospect immediately. Prospects who request information expect that information right away, not a week later.


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