Define Coordination and Development Possibilities in the Processes

Be sparing with staff positions. All vital functions should be reflected in the processes. If you only think about the execution of activities, you are falling far short.

The coordination of the execution of activities should also be defined in the same processes – and also the optimization of these activities and their coordination.

Even the adaptation to the changing environment should be defined in the processes.

And finally, how to ensure that everything that is done complies with the norms and values – to the point of ensuring that the norms and values are appropriate – should also be defined in the processes.

In every function, in every workplace, across hierarchies, these activities should work in an interlocking process. Any delegation of such functions to staff is superficial and will not be effective. Much more effective is an ongoing communicative control process in your processes.

Which sensors, which indicators and which control elements are active in your processes to perform these functions?


What are your challenges?

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