Criteria for data and system security

Definition: What does data and system security mean?

“Data and system security” is understood to mean that information-processing, -storing and -transmitting systems are protected from damage and that data are protected.

Three criteria are applied for this:

Goals of data and system security

The objectives of measures to ensure data and system security are to protect both the company itself and its cooperation partners, customers and suppliers economically as well as to handle personal data responsibly.

Security of data and systems in companies

IT systems are becoming more and more complex, and the exchange of data and information between systems in one’s own company and in cooperating companies is becoming more intensive with the increasing networking of value chains and networks. Increasingly, business-critical data is being locked down in cloud-based applications and partly also processed.

This development is accompanied by an increased risk of data being made accessible to third parties who are not authorised to access it. Appropriate measures to secure data and systems technically and organisationally against misuse are of corresponding importance.


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